The WOOMC Online Experience is designed to give you virtually what we experience here at the WORD DOME. In today’s world, we’re all connected via the internet. Below are tabs that walk you through an entire worship service.

  • Click the A Time of Worship tab to listen to either online worship or live recorded praise and worship from our team.
  • Click the WOOMC News & Announcements tab to stay updated about what is happening in our church.
  • Click the Message tab to hear Apostle Williams deliver God’s Word here.
  • Click the Invitation and Prayer tab if you want to find out how to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, rededicate your life to Him, and/or become a WOOMC online member.
  • Click the Online Giving tab to sow into God’s kingdom and further the Gospel.

In light of widespread concerns regarding the Coronavirus, we want to offer members and others who desire to join our WOOMC Digital Church a way to worship God and hear His Word each Sunday and Wednesday night. Our desire is to provide every aspect of our Sunday worship and beyond right here online. No, it does not offer us intimate fellowship with each other, but it is the next best thing.

We are in a generation now that does not want to assemble in a building on a Sunday morning,as did previous generations of worshippers. We are also in the day of social media. Young millennials do most of their communication through their phones, computers, and iPads. Over 89% of young adults consume social media.

The church must go to where the people are today. The message of the Gospel never changes, but methods do change. The Great Commission commands us to go into all the world to take the gospel. If the world is online, then the church must go there as well.

Benefits of an Online Church

1. Watch live streaming or on demand worship services when convenient.
2. Find connection and relationship with other online believers through interaction.
3. Discuss Sunday sermons to gain clarity and understanding of the Word.
4. Watch Pastor’s Bible study on Wednesday nights.
5. Find answers to pertinent questions about God, the Bible, or Christianity.
6. Connect with God on a daily basis through praise and worship.
7. Receive Christ and join our church if you like.
8. Increase the reach of our church to those not physically present.
9. Receive church announcements and updates.
10.Church members who can’t be physically present can benefit.
11.Receive prayer and ministry by calling the church.
12.Reach surrounding neighborhoods with the Gospel and help them know who we are as a church.
13.Expand our reach to college-aged students, helping them to understand Christianity.
14.Connect people all over the nation and the world.
15.Disciple new believers in the foundations of Christianity.
16.Offer an online resource for members to win their families to Christ.
17.Offer a way for people to continue giving tithes and offerings to the church online.

In conclusion, we will add more needed components to our digital church in the coming weeks. We pray that you are blessed and that your spiritual needs are met.