WOOMC Online Features

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If you have not found a church home, or if you can’t attend church
on Sunday or during the week, go to church with us online:

We offer the following:

  • WOOMC Online Church – Sunday Services Live on Demand– Enjoy live streaming of WOOMC’s worship services every Sunday at 11 am.  You can also catch previous services you may have missed by clicking on the archives.

  • Who We AreLearn about WOOMC’s vision, leadership, and statement of faith. Discover all WOOMC has to offer!

  • Apostle Williams Ministers to You - Apostle Williams offers personal video ministry through the following video clips. Click on the topic of your choice.

  • Beginning Believers - Jesus tells us that our first responsibility after salvation is to be discipled. Complete One-on-One Discipleship to learn the basic foundations required for spiritual growth.

  • Training for Destiny: WOOMC Online Bible Training Correspondence CourseThe Word of God states in Ephesians 4:12 that we are to perfect and fully equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. If you desire to be trained and equipped for ministry, or if you just want to learn and mature spiritually, choose from over 100 lessons in this section.

  • YouTube Ministry - The YouTube Video Ministry is a collection of video clips that pertain to social issues, problems, and ministry needs for virtually every area of life. Simply select a topic of interest and a list of video clips will come up. Click the video title you want to see, and the link will take you directly to the YouTube clip.  The testimonies will build your faith and inspire you, and the documentaries will provide understanding.

  • Worshipping God - Worship God in your own home. Use our worship playlist for your personal prayer time. Experience the presence and glory of God with the following worship music playlists featuring CeCe Winans, Alvin Slaughter, Julie True, William McDowell, Grace Williams, and more!

  • Select-a-Prayer - According to 1 John 5:14-15, when we pray according to God’s will (His Word), then we know we have the right petitions. If you are dealing with problems and need to know how to pray, click on the prayer of your choice below. All prayers are based on promises from the Word of God.

  • Prayer Requests – Post your prayer request and believe that God will move in your life as others from around the world pray in agreement with your request!

  • God’s Promises to You: Finding Scriptures for Your Needs - The Word of God states in 2 Peter 1:2-4 that God has given us a promise to have victory for every area of life. Choose the category you need and find the promises to meditate upon and speak aloud daily.

  • Your Prophetic Word for Today - Online prophetic websites such as Elijahlist, Small Straws in a Soft Wind, and Open Heaven will help you hear exactly what the Spirit of God is doing and saying to the church and believers today.  Instead of reading a daily horoscope, come and hear what THUS SAITH THE LORD."

  • Biblical Counseling NeedsIf you need God’s wisdom in an area of your life, choose from a list of counseling topics and articles including Emotional Themes, Marriage and Family,Relationships, and more!

  • Ministry Tools - Become better equipped to serve the Lord with the following resources: Deliverance Questionnaire, Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Encounter Weekend Questionnaire, Life Assessment Evaluation, SEFM Ministers’ Licensing Questionnaire, and The Personality Analysis.

  • Understanding the Purpose of Tithes, Offerings and Giving - Many people do not understand God's purpose for giving. Apostle Williams shares Biblical explanation of tithes and offerings, why giving is important, and why giving is for us today. If you would like to give, you will also have an opportunity to give to the WOOMC Online Church.

  • Apostle Williams on TV and Radio – Tune in to hear and view Apostle Williams’ life-giving messages on TV and radio.

  • Books, Manuals and Resources by Apostle Alton R. WilliamsApostle Williams has written and compiled over 100 resources that offer biblical and practical wisdom for every situation people encounter in their daily lives (Proverbs 4:7).

  • Bible Study ToolsStudy the Bible online and find any scripture you want from just about any English translation you need.