Bible Study Tools

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Now you can study the Bible right here online and find any scripture you want from just about any English translation you need.


  1. Click the BIBLEGATEWAY.COM tab below. On the home page, type the scripture reference of your choice in the search bar or keywords you want to research.

  2. The middle tab is for the biblical translation you want to read.  Click the down arrow and scroll up or down to choose the translation of your choice such as, King James, NIV, NLT or the AMPLIFIED.

  3. Click the word search and your chosen scripture will come up in the translation you selected.  If you want to see the scripture in other translations, click the down arrow again, choose another translation and hit Search to see that passage in another bible translation and compare.

  4. Suppose you need a list of 10-15 scriptures on the subject of healing.  Rather than write or type them out by hand, simply type all the references in the Bible Gateway search bar, separating each scripture with a semicolon. Then click Search. All the scripture references will be listed for you.  Note: If you don't know how to find the scriptures for a particular area, please visit the GOD'S PROMISES FOR YOU section and select a topic to view a list of scriptures for that topic.

  5. Once you place a scripture in the search bar, you will then go to a page with a blue STUDY THIS tab. Right under this tab are four icon symbols.  The second one is the print icon. Click this button to print out your list of scriptures.

  6. If you need further understanding or commentary on a passage, just click the blue STUDY THIS tag to see a list of other Bible study tools you can use to gain more information about the passage.

  7. If you simply want to hear the Word and let it soak in your spirit, go to the top of the home page and click the word BIBLE, scroll down to Audio Bible and input the book and chapter you want to hear.